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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is probably the most common and well-known massage in the United States. Swedish massage is actually a category of massages which includes deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, and other types of massage. Swedish massages can be slow and involve very little pressure or be fast depending on the technique and the goal of the person receiving it. Whether the person receiving the massage wants pain relief or just simple relaxation, for example, this will determine how the massage therapist approaches the massage.

In most Swedish massages, the massage therapist will use massage oil to lubricate the skin. A very large variety of techniques, strokes, and methods of applying pressure may be used. These include applying pressure using knuckles, forearm, or finger and moving at different speeds. Gradually, these techniques will break up painful adhesions that may form within your muscles after they have been subjected to chronic stress. These adhesions are commonly referred to as “knots.”

Every therapist is different and uses their own unique style. However, most massage therapists begin by working on your back. Afterwards, they usually move on to the back of your legs, then the front of your legs, arms, and the neck and shoulders.

If you are ready to experience excellent relaxation and stress relief, we can help. We offer many massage specialties, including various techniques of Swedish massage, which will reinvigorate the body and relax the senses. Contact us today to schedule your massage with Rejuvenations Spa.