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Skin Care During Pregnancy

Some women develop beautiful skin during their pregnancy as a result of changes in hormonal activity. For other women, the opposite effect occurs, leading to acne, redness, bumps, discoloration, and other unpleasant symptoms. For the women who experience skin problems during their pregnancy, acne is the most common of the pregnancy-caused blemishes. Acne in pregnant women often occurs around the mouth and chin, but can also occur around different parts of the face. It affects pregnant women of all ages and skin types, and can sometimes be combined with symptoms of bumps, rashes, and discolorations.

If you are determined to rid yourself of your unwanted acne, it may be necessary to resort to different methods of treatment than you are used to, to ensure the safety of your baby. Many topical beauty products or skin products may be unsafe to use while you are pregnant. It is recommended that products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or retinoids should be avoided during pregnancy, as these may be absorbed into the skin, and your baby. For this reason, it’s important to take proper care of your skin during your pregnancy, while being mindful of the products that you are putting on your body.

            At Rejuvenations Spa, our skin care specialists can provide you with a skin care treatment that is unique to you. Our products are safe to be used on pregnant women and will help your skin heal from pregnancy-caused acne and blemishes. We can help you reveal younger, beautiful looking skin with a skin care treatment that is suitable for your skin type and preferences. Contact Rejuvenations Spa today to schedule an appointment with one of our skin care specialists.