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 Prenatal Massage


If you’re looking to reduce stress and promote overall wellness during your pregnancy, then prenatal massage is the right option for you. In general, massage can offer great health and holistic benefits to individuals of any age or gender. Prenatal massage can offer additional benefits for pregnant women suffering from various discomforts experienced during pregnancy.

Some of these common discomforts include:

Backaches and pains (due to carrying excess weight)
Leg and feet cramps
Stiff neck and joints
Muscle Tension
Edema (swelling)
Anxiety or tension (from hormonal changes)

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage seeks to ease the symptoms of discomfort that are commonly experienced during pregnancy. We accomplish this by implementing massage techniques that help reduce the stress on the weight-bearing joints and encouraging blood and lymph circulation throughout the body.

At Rejuvenations Spa, our professional massage therapists work to ensure the comfort and safety of all our clients. The technique and execution of your prenatal massage will vary depending on your physical condition and stage of pregnancy. We take care to ensure that your prenatal massage is customized to your individual needs to ensure maximum comfort and safety. If there are specific areas of discomfort that you would like addressed, or have any additional symptoms you would like us to help you relieve, our massage therapists can work with you to suggest an appropriate massage treatment option.

Staying healthy is a vital part of any pregnancy for both the mother and the child. With prenatal massage, we can help you ease the physical discomfort and stress that comes normally in the different stages of pregnancy. While prenatal massage is considered safe for most women, we recommend you consult with your doctor before beginning a prenatal massage treatment. At Rejuvenations Spa, we’re dedicated to helping you relax. Contact us today to book your prenatal massage.