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Facial Waxing

At Rejuvenations Spa, we help you get rid of unwanted facial hair through our facial waxing services. Our waxing services can help you remove unwanted hair from your chin, upper lip, eyebrow, or any other part of your face. Our professional staff will help you feel relaxed during the hair removal process and work with you to minimize discomfort.  Because waxing involves pulling the hair out from the root, it allows you to achieve much longer lasting results than shaving. Facial waxing can provide several weeks, if not months, of smooth, hair-free, skin.


Getting unwanted hair off your chin can be a pain (both figuratively and literally). Shaving can lead to shave bumps, cuts, and redness depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Fortunately, chin waxing only takes a few minutes, and is a longer lasting way to remove unwanted hair from your chin.

Upper Lip

For many men and women, hair naturally grows on their upper lip. Unfortunately, this can be an unwanted feature for many. Shaving the upper lip may cause the hair to grow back thicker than before. That’s why facial waxing is one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to remove hair on the upper lip. With a small amount of wax, the hair is gone.

The eyebrows can easily an annoying area to keep properly shaped and trimmed as the hair here tends to grow back very quickly. The benefit of eyebrow waxing is that it’s quicker and less painful than other hair removal methods. As with other forms of waxing, eyebrow waxing helps to achieve longer lasting results. 

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